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Q: Which English football stadiums are furthest north south east and west?
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Which english football league team is furthest north?


Which English football team in furthest north?

This could be a trick question. The most northerly football club in England would be Berwick Rangers, but they play in the Scottish leagues - that's how far north they are.

Which scottish football team is furthest north?

Elgin city

Which English city is furthest north?


Which English football clubs are furthest North south East and West?

plymouth berwick norwich plymouth

Largest football stadiums?

The largest football stadium in the world is in North Korea and it holds 150,000 people. The second largest is in India.

Which English County is furthest north?

Northumbria Cumbria to the North-West of England and Northumberland to the North-East of England.

What is the furthest north river in NZ?

the furthest river north is kawarau

Which city is furthest north in Scotland?

The furthest north city is Inverness. The furthest north town is Thurso but if you include the Shetland Islands, it would be Lerwick.

What city is the furthest north Aberdeen Swansea or Bristol?

Aberdeen is furthest north.

What city is furthest north in Maine?

Madawaska is the furthest town north in Maine

Which capital city is furthest north?

The capital city furthest north is Reykjavik in Iceland

Which country capital city is furthest north?

Reykjavik, capital of iceland is said to be furthest north.

What state is furthest north?

The state that is the furthest north is the US is Alaska.

Which state is further north?

The state in the US that's furthest north is Alaska.Alaska is also the furthest east and the furthest west.Hawaii is the furthest south.

Where in Britain is furthest north?

Furthest North on the British mainland is Dunnet Head between Thurso and John O' Groats

Which is Furthest north Bangor Maine or Aberdeen Scotland?

Aberdeen is furthest North at 57.10 N. Bangor is latitude 44.50 N

What is the furthest north town in England?


Which city is furthest north London Berlin rome or dublin?

The furthest city is dublin

What direction do NFL stadiums face?

north and south

What is the most attended sport in North America?

AMERICAN FOOTBALL= HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, AND THE NFL COMBINE FOR HUGE ATTENDANCE RECORDS. Al ot of stadiums have over 75000 capacity. In Mexico Soccer is most popular and in Canada Hockey is the most popular sport but their attendance and stadiums do not compare to the United States.

How many people can you fit into a football stadium?

Football stadiums (either soccer, American football, or others) have various capacities based on their size, seating, and construction. This can vary widely, from a few thousand, to tens of thousands, up to the largest stadiums which can seat more than 100,000 fans. Modern NFL stadiums seat an average of 70,000 to 80,000 spectators. The largest three stadiums in the world as of 2011 were: May Day Stadium (Pyongyang North Korea) - 150,000 Salt Lake Stadium (Kolkata, India) - 120,000 Michigan Stadium (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) - 109, 900

What is a name of the furthest place north?

The rotational north pole.

What English football teams contain the word north?

NORTHampton Town and Preston NORTH End spring to mind...

What is furthest point in the north british isles?

the Shetland Island of Yell the furthest north on the main island of Britain is Dunnet Head