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Q: Which English football club has spent the most money in the last 5 years?
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In the English premier league who has spent the most money in the transfer market in the past five years?


How much money is spent on New Years?

Around 5 million pounds is spent

Which football competition is the richest?

The richest football league by both Net Worth and revenue is the English Premier League. The second would be the German Bundesliga.These are statistics from 2009-2010, they could change over the years.

How much have Liverpool football club spent on players in the last 20 years?


Which football team has spent most on transfers in last 20 years?

Manchester United

Who has spent most money in transfer market in past ten years?

Real Madrid

How much money have Chelsea spent in the last 10 years on transfers?

£700 million

Who spends more money Manchester United or Chelsea?

In the past 5 years or so, Chelsea have spent more money. But, in the past, United were also big spenders. Overall though, I would say Chelsea have spent more money.

What football team is called hostile attackers?

The NFL football team that has been called the Hostile Attackers are the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders spent some years in the Los Angeles area.

How much money does a football player get?

if hes good he can get 58,000,000 IN FIVE YEARS

What sport did OJ Simpson play professionally?

O.J. (Orenthal James) Simpson, played professional football (American) with the NFL for 10 years before retiring in 1979. Nine of his seasons were spent with the Buffalo Bills, and his final season was spent with the San Francisco 49ers.

If you spend 7 dollars a day for 4 years how much money would you have spent?