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I know of 5.. Boston College, Georgia Tech, Army, Navy, Air Force

You are forgetting MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

MIT is an Ivy League school and they only compete in Division 1A Basketball which includes 1AA (which has quite a few schools without University in their official school name) as well.

MIT is NOT an Ivy League school - it is a Division III school

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Q: Which Division IA schools do not have university in their names?
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Is there a list of division IA schools in Georgia?

The only two Division 1-A football schools in Georgia are Georgia and Georgia Tech. There are two D1-AA schools: Georgia Southern and Savannah State.

Is Kent State University a division 1 university?

Kent State participates in the Mid-American Conference. In football, Kent state is at the Division IA level.

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Marshall University has an M on their helmet.

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How many Division 1AA universities can a 1A university schedule in football?

I would assume that a division IA school can schedule as many 1AA teams as they want to fill their schedule. Assuming 7 or 8 conference games, that would leave room for 4 or 5 non-conference games. This being said, I do not know why any 1A school would be willing to schedule that many 1AA schools when they would draw decreased numbers in attendance and have to share the money with the smaller school, not to mention the lack of any exposure which is the reason the Division 1AA school is where it is.

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The address of the Graceland University is: 1 University Pl, Lamoni, IA 50140-1641

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ia iase university approved by ugc/aicte

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whai ia the ethnic breakdown of student at Howard university

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Pretty much all well-known fine arts and design schools now have a full-fledged and growing web design programs. These schools include Parsons, Pratt, and SVA in New York, CalArts in California, Savannah School of Art & Design in Georgia, etc. There are other schools (such as School of Art & Design at Alfred University) that are part of a State University system and offer a great tuition cost advantage as well. Also consider Carnegie Mellon for IA (Information Architecture) and programming side, but there should be a number of terrific schools in almost any state.

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after 2009 DEC didn't approved any distance technical cource.

What colleges in Texas are division 1?

Division IA or FBS schools in Texas: Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, Rice, Southern Methodist, Baylor, North Texas, Texas El-Paso, TCU, Houston. There are ten 1A universities. there will be two more with UTSA and Texas State both moving up to join the WAC

Ia bhagwant university ajmer recognised by ugc?

i want to know about bhagwant university that it is established by govt. of rajasthan, and reconized by ugc or not.

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