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In the carling cup, only league 2, league 1 championship and premier league teams can compete but all English FA clubs can apply for the FA cup. I hope this helped.

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Definitely the FA Cup as it is the oldest competition.

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Q: Which Cup is the biggest at football the FA Cup or the Carling Cup?
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What is the name of the football stadium where England play home matches and the FA and Carling Cup Finals are also played?


What is the nameof the football stadium where englan play home matches and the FA and carling cup finals are also played?

It is called the new Wembley stadium.

Who was the soccer player who won the world cup and the Carling cup and the fa cup and is still playing?

bruce jenner

How games has Ryan giggs played?

900+ in total , includin fa cup , carling cup and overall

Which player has won world cup fa cup premiership medal and carling cup?

Thierry Henry ( France and Arsenal)

Who is the only player to win Premiership FA cup Carling Cup Champions League World Cup and Euro?


Which player has won the premier league fa cup and carling cup with 2 different clubs?

david may

What does the FA Cup stand for?

FA Cup = Football Association Challenge Cup.

Who has scored in the fa cup final and the uefa cup final and the champions league final and the carling cup final?

Teddy Sheringham

Who has scored a hat trick in the Premier League Champions league Carling cup and FA cup?

I think it was Fernando Torres

What is full form of FA?

FA CUP mean Football Association Challenge Cup

Did main road hold the biggest football crowd?

yes. the attendence was 84,569 against stoke city in the fa cup