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Mikel obi

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Q: Which Chelsea players did Jose Mourinho buy?
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Will Chelsea buy kaka?

Mourinho is planning to use kaka in a transfer chip.

Who do Chelsea want to buy this summer?

l chelsea to buy these players( l)eden hazard2hulk3luka modric4andy johnson

Chelsea how many players are you preparing to buy this season and their names?


Why is Chelsea liked more than other soccer teams?

People like Chelsea as they have a lot of money, and buy all the top players. but they do score goals and win matches.

When did abramovich buy Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC was bought buy Roman Abramovich in 2003

Why does English football produce less home grown youngsters?

clubs like Manchester and Chelsea only want to buy famous and costly players. The last youth team players at Manchester United were Neville, Becheam, Scholes .

Why roman abramovich buy Chelsea?


Did Chelsea want to buy kaka?


Who is Chelsea going to buy in 2012?


What products are offered in a Chelsea home kit?

The Chelsa home kit is simply the home gear for the club Chelsea FC. This includes Home shirts, Home Goalkeeper Shirts, Home Shorts and Home Socks. It's the possibility to buy similar items as the ones worn by the players in home games.

Where can one buy Chelsea shirts for cheap?

There are many places where an individual can purchase Chelsea shirts for cheap. The best place to buy them would be at mega-retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Where can one buy Chelsea Football shirts?

One can buy Chelsea Football shirts from the official Adidas website. One can also purchase Chelsea Football shirts from online websites like eBay, Amazon, World Soccer Shop and many more.

Who is better Barcelona or Chelsea at soccer and Why?

Barcelona are better. They are better then Chelsea because they have young talent developed at home. Chelsea only buy costly olayers.Barcelona are a club of wizards,chelsea have few like drogba, Lampard.

What year did Roman Abramovich buy Chelsea?


How do you buy players in FIFA 12?

On Ultimate team you can buy packs or get players from auctions. On manager mode you wait until the transfer window and from there you are able to buy and sell players.

Where can one find Chelsea stadium?

You can find Chelsea stadium when you go to Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road in London. You can buy the London Pass and it will take you to a tour of Chelsea Stadium.

How much did Chelsea pay Manchester United in 2003 for Juan Sebastian Vernon?

Chelsea never did buy Juan Sebastin Veron.

Where can i buy jerseys of 1970's NFL players?

where can i buy jerseys of 1970's NFL players

How much did roman abramovich buy Chelsea for?

150m pounds

How much did Chelsea buy Frank Lampard?

£11 million

How much did Ken Bates buy Chelsea FC for?


Who is Chelsea going to buy?

we do not know because that is up to the manager.

Who is the best Manchester United or Chelsea?

this is a subject to opinion as people are biased. i am a man u supporter myself statistically man u are better with many more titles and cups and other stuff Chelsea might have been good last season and first quarter of this season but they are weakening. also Chelsea just buy players, on the other hand man utd train them up like RONALDO.

Where can one purchase a Chelsea football shirt?

One can purchase a Chelsea football shirt from the official Chelsea club shop either in store or online. One can also buy this item from eBay and SportsDirect.

What actors and actresses appeared in Buy It Now - 2005?

The cast of Buy It Now - 2005 includes: Rosemarie DeWitt as Mom Stacy Jordan as Stacy Chelsea Logan as Chelsea Magan Tiffany Yaraghi as Tiffany