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It is Real Madrid.

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Q: Which Champion League team won the most games?
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Which European team has won the most champion league trophy?

Real Madrid of Spain have won the champion league 9 times.

Which European team has the most champion league's titles?

Ac milan

What major league baseball team has the most batting champion?

pittsburgh pirates

Who are the champions in black and white?

The League champion in the games are N, the Team Plasma king. Also there is Alder the Pokemon black and white champion

How many times did man you win the champion league?

Manchester United have won the champion league on three times.

What football team played agenst Liverpool in the champion league final?

ac milan played Liverpool in champion league final.

Which team is the current Champion's League Title Holder?

inter milan

Who is leading in champion league?

No team really leads in the Champions League as despite its name, it is more like a tournament. But Real Madrid are the most successful Club in the Champions league with 10 titles.

Which team was the American League Champion in 1940?

The Detroit Tigers won the 1940 American League Pennant.

What European soccer team played the most champions league games?

It has to be Barcelona.

What national league baseball team holds the most records most games won?


What is the best team in the champions' league?

The best team in the champion leagues are the Riot Team They kick your asheholes. Stupid monkey