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Jack Charlton

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Q: Which Celtic and man utd player also has a lonsdale belt?
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Did bobby charlton win a lonsdale belt and played for celtic?

No he never won a lonsdale belt

Who won a world cup and also won a lonsdale belt and played for Celtic?

bobby charlton

When was Lonsdale Belt created?

Lonsdale Belt was created in 1909.

For which sport is the Lensdale Belt awared?

The Lonsdale Belt is for British boxing.

Did Tommy orange win a lonsdale belt?

The first Lonsdale belt was awarded in 1909. As Tommy was born in 1856 it seems rather unlikely he would have won one :-)

Did Alfred Hayes win lonsdale belt 1920-1950?


The cost of a lonsdale belt?

The belt is made by Messrs: Thomas Fattorini ltd of Birmingham and they cost around £6000.

What has the author John Tipton Lonsdale written?

John Tipton Lonsdale has written: 'Geology of the gold-pyrite belt of the northeastern Piedmont, Virginia' -- subject(s): Gold, Geology

Did someone called Briggs ever win the Lonsdale belt in the early part of the 20th century?


Who won an fa cup winners medal and a lonsdale belt in the same day?

I Think it's Stanley Matthews. Won the 1953 FA Cup winners medal for Blackpool on the Saturday afternoon and then won the Lonsdale belt in a Charity raffle the same evening.

What is the history of the Lonsdale Belt?

The Lonsdale Belt was a boxing prize introduced by Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale, to be awarded to British boxing champions. It is still awarded to British champions today.Lord Lonsdale organised boxing matches and was the first president of the National Sporting Club. In 1909, he introduced the Lonsdale Belt as a new trophy for the British champion at each weight division. The belts were crafted from porcelain and twenty-two carat gold and were only to be held by a fighter as long as he was British champion. However, a British champion was allowed to keep his Lonsdale Belt if he defended his title successfully two times. Later belts were made from nine carat gold rather than twenty-two carats as the first ones were. A total of 22 Lonsdale belts were issued by the National Sporting Club, and of these 20 were won outright. The holders of the first Lonsdale belts were:- * Flyweight - Sid Smith, 1911 * Bantamweight - Digger Stanley, 1910 (retained) * Featherweight - Jim Driscoll, 1910 (retained) * Lightweight - Freddie Welsh, 1909 (retained) * Welterweight - Young Joseph, 1910 * Middleweight - Tom Thomas, 1909 * Light-heavyweight - Dick Smith, 1914 (retained) * Heavyweight - Bombardier Billy Wells, 1911 (retained) The three above belts that were not retained by the holders were eventually held and retained by Jimmy Wilde (flyweight), Johnny Basham (welterweight) and Pat O'Keefe (middleweight).

Did dick corbett win lonsdale belt out right?

Yes, although it was then known as the National Sporting Club's Challenge Belt, of which 21 were awarded between 1909-1935 until it was introduced as the Lord Londsdale Challenge Belt in 1936 by the BBBoC.Although he had two tenures up instead of the required three title reign's he was still awarded a Londsdale Belt outright.

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