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London is one (Arsenal and Chelsea); Glasgow another (Rangers and Celtic).

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Q: Which British city has had 2 teams in European CupChampions League in same year?
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How many teams have won the champions league European cup?

21 teams

Name all the teams that have won the European league?

man united all the time

What players have played for 3 British teams in the Champions League?

Adebayor is one

Comparison of European cup of nations and European champion league?

The Champions Leagues is for soccer clubs and the European Cup of Nations is for international teams. So in the Champions League you would have clubs from various countries playing each other, including clubs from the same country, whereas the European Cup is for the national teams. The Champions League is won by a club and the European Cup of Nations is won by a country.

Who are three British players who have played for three different British teams in the Champions League?

Chris Sutton David Batty

Does Belgian teams participate in European cup in fifa 10?

Yes Belgian clubs do take part in the European cup and champion league.

When is England begins to contribute 4 teams in European champions league?

The 2002-03 season was the first time England started sending 4 teams to the Champions League. The teams sent was Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle.

What 3 soccer teams have won the European Championship League the most?

bayern, real madrid milan

What British player has played for five European teams but not actually won it himself?

Gary o connor

Which English football teams have played in the European Cup or Champions League?

alot but mostly LIVERPOOL and Manchester UNTD

How many teams are in the a-league?

10 teams are in the a league rabies

Who are the weakest teams in British football?

The weakest British team that I know is Bishop's Cleave FC. They are 4 league's below the Blue Square.

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