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Q: Which Big Ten mens basketball team was the first NIT champion?
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What is the Australia team name for the basketball in the olympic games?

the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers

How many medal count for basketball?

1 for the winning team ex. 1 Gold - for mens team champion 1 Silver - for mens team runner up 1 Bronze - for mens team last and same thing with the womens team a total of 6 medals in this event.

Who was the First mens basketball team to win 1000 games?

The University of Kentucky

Who was the first women to be signed to a mens basketball team?

No women has ever been signed to a men's professional basketball team, its not allowed.

Which mens basketball team has been to the final four the most?

which mens basketball team has been to the final four the most?

When is the last time the pitt mens basketball team won a national champion?

Pittsburgh has never won the NCAA men's tournament

When was Al Wahda Damascus Mens Basketball Team created?

Al Wahda Damascus Mens Basketball Team was created in 1928.

Who was on the first oylmpic mens basketball team to lose?

Spain lost to Greece in 1932

What team has the most first round losses in the ncaa mens college basketball?

Indiana Hoosiers.

Which big ten men's basketball team was the first nit champion?

Purdue 1974

Which team won the gold medal in the Mens 2008 basketball team?


What was the nickname of the American mens basketball team in 1992 Olympics?

The Dream Team

What is the NCAA mens basketball team roster size?


Team with most mens college basketball wins?


An NCAA mens basketball team building an arena?


Who is number one in mens college basketball team?


Which basketball team leads the NCAA in winning percentage?

womens basketball Tennessee mens basketball Memphis

What are the mens and womens Australian basketball teams called?

The men's basketball team is named the Boomers and the woman's basketball team is named the Opals.

Did ILLINOIS mens basketball team win any post seaon games?

no they lost first game this year

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever

Which Team has Most Titles Mens Basketball?

UCLA leads all school with 11 mens titles

1979 Indiana state mens basketball team nickname?


Team with the most division 1 wins in mens basketball?


What is Ohio state collage mens basketball team nickname?


Who was on the 1976 northwestern mens basketball team?

Billy McKinney and aothers.