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Jake 'The Snake' Plummer

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Q: Which Arizona Cardinal is nicknamed the snake?
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Is there the bird cardinal in Arizona?

yes the bird cardinal lives in Arizona

Where are The cardinal football team from?

the cardinal team are from Arizona[ the Arizona cardinals]

Where does the cardinal lives?


Is there a snake in the book the hiding place?

There is not a literal snake, but one of the concentration camp leaders is nicknamed "the snake".

Who is the couch for the Arizona Cardinal?

Dennis green

Why was Cardinal Wolsey nicknamed 'The Glorious Peacock'?

Cardinal Wolsey "had the most significant plumage in all the kingdom, it was the envy of people and peacocks alike"

Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond State?


Which American State is nicknamed The 'Diamond State'?


Where did the cardinal move from?

The Arizona Cardinals originated in Chicago, moved to St. Louis and then to Arizona.

What emblem is the Arizona Cardinals?

The Red Cardinal Bird.

Can Arizona cardinal tickets be bought online?

Arizona Cardinal tickets may be purchased online from their team's online site. Other team merchandise is available too.

What is the name of Arizona's snake?

The Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake.