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Tunisia is the first African country to win a World Cup match. They defeated Mexico in the 1978 FIFA World Cup.

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Q: Which African country was the first to win a game in the world cup?
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Said Belqola

Which country hosted the first world cup game?

the 1st world cup is in China -Actually the first world cup was in Uruguay.

Has Ukraine ever won World Cup?

Ukraine have only qualified for one world cup, in which they reached the quarter finals. They lost their first game to Spain. It is the first time in the world cup history that a country has reached the quarter finals after loosing their first game 4-0.

Who scored the first goal in the 2010 world cup?

It was the South African. S. Stabashala., in their game verses Mexico, but Marquez equalized for Mexico.

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Cameroon. The game ended in a 1-1 draw

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Jamaica was the first English speaking Caribbean country to qualify for world cup in 1998. They lost against Croatia and Argentina, and won their game against Japan.

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The first game in the 2010 world cup, was between South Africa and Mexico.

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The first world cup game was in 1930 and Uruguay and Argentina were the ones that played

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