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The under 17 and under 20 are won by these two African countries Nigeria and Ghanna.

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Q: Which African countries have won fifa under 17 and under 20 world cups?
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Before south African how many world cups have been played in Africa?

To date (2009), the FIFA World Cup has never been hosted in an African country. The first African World Cup host will be the Republic of South Africa in 2010.However the two junior World Cup competitions (Under 20 and under 17 years of age respectively) have both been held in African countries. See following list:Year - Competition - Host1977 - Under 20 World Cup - Tunisia1997 - Under 17 World Cup - Egypt1999 - Under 17 World Cup - Nigeria2009 - Under 20 World Cup - Egypt2009 - Under 17 World Cup - NigeriaSource of data: Overview of the FIFA World Cup Host Countries 1930 - 2014. From FIFA website.See related link.

How many countries has participated in all world cups?

The only country that has participated in ALL of the world cups is Brazil.

What 2 countries have had females world cups?

The two countries are Brazil and the U.S.A.

Which African woman's team played in all the world cups?


What soccer team has won the least amount of world cups?

A lot of teams have won 0 World Cups. There are only 7 countries that have won a World Cup.

Which countries participated in all world cups since 1930?

Brazil have done this.

Who is only footballer in world cup history to score for two different countries in world cups?

The answer is........SPAIN!!

How do countries get into the World Cups?

After F.I.F.A divides the countries into groups continent vise they then have to qualify , the first two from each group qualify for the world cup.

What countries have not hosted a World Cup?

You must remember that there has only been 19 world cups so far, so many, many countries have not hosted the world cup yet.

32 countries have competed in the last 4 consecutive World Cups?

yes, that is the correct answer. all countries have entered the world cup semi- final but some countries like Peru in 2010 didn't get in...

Which 2 countries played each other most times in world cups?

It is Germany and Italy.

Which countries won the first and second World Cups?

Uruguay won the first world cup, and Italy won the second. They were both world cups that they had hosted. Italy then went on to win the third world cup in France, too.