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AHL - Providence (RI) Bruins

ECHL - Johnstown (PA) Chiefs

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The Hamilton Bulldogs

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Portland Pirates

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Q: Which AHL team is the Montreal Canadiens minor league affiliate?
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Which ahl team is presently is the minor league affiliate of the Montreal canadiens?

The Hamilton Bulldogs!

Which AHL team is presently the minor league affilate of the Montreal Canadiens?

Hamilton Bulldogs

Who has the most minor hockey league?

Canadin of Montreal

Who are the ogden raptors?

The Ogden raptors are a minor league (pioneer league) rookie affiliate of the LA Dodgers

What is it called minor league club with the word far in it?

little league. i hope i helped you! and if i didn't, then i am so sorry!

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Bethlehem's minor league team is the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. They are an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies and have some of the highest attendance figures of any minor league team.

Who is Kellen Dykstra?

he is a baller for the Chicago bulls minor league affiliate team, the Cininnati calves

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Johnny's playing for the Wilmington, DE Blue Rocks, in the Class A Carolina League. The Blue Rocks are a minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

Is the Trenton Thunder in MLB?

No. The Trenton Thunder are a Minor League Baseball team. They are the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Minor league record of Steve Bolick?

There was a player named Frank Bolick who played in the Minor Leagues and for a year with the Montreal Expos. Does that help.

Did Baltimore have an ice hockey team?

Yes! Baltimore has had 2 ice hockey teams, both were minor league teams. The first was the Baltimore Skipjacks and they were an affiliate of the Washington Capitals. The team eventually moved to Portland ME and became the Pirates. Then there were the Baltimore Bandits who were a minor league affiliate of the Anahiem Mighty Ducks, but they then moved to Ohio.