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England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales all compete in the annual Six Nations rugby championship.

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Q: Which 6 teams compete in the rugby six nations championship?
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Which two rugby teams compete for the Calcutta Cup?

Scotland & England

How many teams will compete in UEFA Euro Championship 2016?


What are the six nations?

Its a rugby tournament which happens every year, It has a set of six nations or countries which play each other once in order to try and win the cup. Teams which compete are Wales, England, Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland. Those teams always are involved in it and they don't have to qualify for it and they don't get through based on world ranking places. This is a rugby tournament for Europe and these are the only decent teams in Europe. Southern hemisphere teams like new Zealand and Australia compete in a quad nations.

How many team rugby world championship?

the total teams is 103 registered with World Rugby (as of 2017)

Did Wales win the six nations in 2008?

Yes, Wales won the 2008 Six Nations Rugby Championship. They won it by beating all five of the other teams, to complete a Grand Slam.

Which teams make up the Rugby Six Nations Championship?

France, England, Ireland, Wales, Italy, and Scotland, in the order of the way they generally place in the tournament

How many us college football teams compete for the national championship?


What was unusual about the 1973 rugby 5 nations?

Good question! The championship was shared between all five teams. There was no tie-break in existence so nothing to separate was applied therefore, all the teams finished level on match points. This was the only time that the Five Nations championship finished in a five-way tie.

What rugby union teams are in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Gunners who compete in the Magners League and the Heineken Cup

Who were the first teams to compete in rugby league?

They were North England teams. Sale Hull kingston rovers, Wigon , leeds braford .

How many nations play rugby?

93 countries have teams registered with the IRB

Which country will join the three original teams of the Rugby Tri nations?

Argentina !

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