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Phil Neville

Peter Schimichael

Steve McManaman

Dietmar Hamman

Nicolas Anelka

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Q: Which 5 players have played in the Manchester derby merseyside derby and won the champions league?
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7 players who played in both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies who have also won the Champions League?

Pele Moore giggs charlton

7 players 2 have won the champions league an played in Manchester an merseyside derbys?

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes 1999 champion league winners.

Which players have played in the Merseyside derby the Manchester derby and the champions league final?

Didi Hamann Jesper Blomqvist Steve McManaman Nicolas Anelka Wayne Rooney

Which player has played in a London Manchester and merseyside derby and won the FA Cup Premier league and Champions league?

I expect its Nicholas Anelka

Which player appeared in a Merseyside Manchester and London derby and won a premier league fa cup champions league and uefa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

8 players to have won the champions league and premirship but not played for Manchester utd?


Played in north London derby Merseyside derby and Manchester derby Champions league final and European championship?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City in the respective derbies, Real Madrid in the Champions League final and in Euro 2000 and 2008.

Which ex Manchester United players have played against Manchester United in the champions league?

David beckham gerard pique

How many Manchester United players have played against them in the Champions League?

One. Owen Hargreaves not just current players

Did manchester city ever win the champions league?

Manchester City has never won the Champions League.

Which player has played in Manchester derby London derby merseyside dercy and won champions league European championships premiership fa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

How many Manchester united players missed the champions league final due to suspension?

one fletcher

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