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Liverpool chelsea arsenal

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Q: Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?
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What current premier league football players have won the double and the champions league and the European champions?

Nicolas Anelka

Which player has scored for six premier league?

Nicolas anelka

Which player appeared in a Merseyside Manchester and London derby and won a premier league fa cup champions league and uefa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

Which player has won the champions league European Championship and Premiership?

Nicolas Anelka

Who is Only player to play in champions league for 3 English clubs?

Nicolas anelka?

What premiership player has played for three different clubs in the champions league?

Nicolas anelka.

Who is nickolas anelka?

Nicolas anelka is a french footballer who plays for premier league team Chelsea. he wears the number 39 in Chelsea.

What 2 players have won the European championship the fa premier league the fa cup and the champions league?

The Two players who have won all of these trophies are 1. Peter Schmiecal 2. Nicolas Anelka

In football who has won the following medals in his career world cup euro championship champions league premier league fa cup league cup?

I know Nicolas Anelka has. I'm sure someone else will have done it.

Which footballers have played for four different teams in the champions league?

nicolas anelka michael laudrup luis figo

Which international footballer played for three premier league clubs?

It is Nicolas Anelka, withArsena, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Who was the top scorer of EPL in 2009?

The top scorer of the English Premier League (EPL) in 2009 was Nicolas Anelka

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