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France and Mexico played the first ever match in a world cup. France won the game 4-1.

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Q: Which 2 teams played the first match in a world cup?
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What teams played first in the world cup?

I n the inauguration game, in the last world cup, the two teams that played the first match were South Africa and Mexico, and we tied the match.

Which two teams played in the first ever world cup?

The final match was played between Uruguay and Argentina. Uruguay won.

What teams played in the first rugby world cup match?

first match was 23 may 1987 between Australia and England Australia won 19 - 7. The game was played at the Concord Oval - Sydney.

How many teams participated in first world cup match?


When was the world cup first match ever played?

The first Fifa World Cup match played was France-Mexico on July 13th 1930.

Which year was first world cup day night cricket match played?

In 1975 first world cup day night cricket match was played.

Which teams played final round in ICC World Cup 1992?

Pakistan and England played final in 1992 world cup.Pakistan won the match.

Who played the First match of world cup cricket 1975?

India vs England was the first match of world cup 1975.England won the match.

Who are the two teams for the first match in the world cup 2010?

South Africa Vs Mexico

How many teams played in the first rugby world cup?

16 teams were first selected now its 20

What were the 2 teams that played in the 2006 world cup final match?

France and Italy. Italy won on penalties after the match finished 1-1.

Which two countries played the first match played in world cup 2002?

France and Senegal played the first match of the 2002 World Cup. Senegal beat the reigning world champions by 1 goal to nil.

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