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There are many tournaments that are always played at the same Golf course.

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Q: Which 2 golf tournamants have always been played on the same course i.e. the masters has always been played at Augusta National. Name the other?
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List of four major golf tournaments?

The Masters, always held at Augusta National. The US Open. The Open Championship. and PGA Championship.

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A "PGA tournament" is any tournament on the PGA Tour while the Masters is a specific single tournament.That said, the PGA Championship is a single event which is often referred to as "The PGA Tournament". The PGA Championship is played at a different site in the US from year to year - although several courses have hosted the Championship more than once. Some of the courses have been private clubs while others have been public clubs. The Masters is ALWAYS played at Augusta National Golf Club, a private club. Membership at Augusta National Golf Club is strictly by invitation; there is no application process.Both tournaments are by invitation only, but the PGA does not explicitly invite any amateurs while the Masters invites both professionals and winners of amateur tornaments. The only way for an amateur to guarantee an invitation to the PGA Championship would be to win one of the other PGA majors - i.e. the Masters, the US Open, or the Open Championship. Realistically, if an amateur were to win the British Open they would probably also garner an invitation to the PGA Championship.

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