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I can only name one and that's Nick Saban. 1st with LSU and 2nd with Alabama!

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Q: Which 2 coaches have won national football championships with different schools?
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What Alabama football coaches have won national championships?

No Alabama football coaches have won national championships.

What football coaches have won ncaa championships at different schools?

Nick Saban

Have any ncaa football coaches won championships with two different teams?

Nick saben

How many NCAA National Football Championships does the University of Maryland have?

Maryland has claimed 1 national title in 1953 with the AP & Coaches polls

Which coaches have won National Championships at Nebraska in football?

Bob Devaney won two National Championships at Nebraska in 1970 and 1971. Tom Osborne won thee in 1994, 1995, and 1997.

What college football coaches have won 2 championships?


What football coaches have won ncaa championships?

Urban Meyer for one.

How many national championships in football for Missouri tigers?

It depends on what you use for a National Championship Selector. Missouri has none with the BCS, AP, or Coaches Poll. check the link

Which NCAA men's basketball coaches have won national championships?


How many NCAA football coaches have won Division 1 national championships at different schools?

Unless I am mistaken, there is only one: Nick Saban, who won the BCS Championship at LSU (2004) and at Alabama (2009).

How many ncaa football championships has Oklahoma won?

NCAA don't officially recognize football championships. My Sooner have won 7 championships thru the AP Poll and UPI (coaches) and one BCS championship.

What coaches have more national championships than Woody Hayes?

Bernie Bierman Minnesota 1934,35,36,40,41

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