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Q: Where would you find bases in your home?
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If bases are 80 feet what would home plate to second base be?


What is TB in box score?

Total bases. For example if a batter has two singles, a double and a home run, this would be eight total bases. It's one for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and four for a home run.

Where are you most likely to find acids and bases in your home?

I would say... maybe in the kitchen, in a lemon, or in some sour candy? There could also be acids or bases in liquid dishwashing soap. I, myself, am just guessing but i think im right. Hope I helped you!

When on the pH scale would you find bases?

Basic solutions have the pH over 7.

What is the distance from home to home in baseball?

Each base is 90' apart. Therefore running from home around the bases back to home would be a distance of 90' X 4 = 360'.

Where would you find a cuboid in the home?

Most rooms in a home are cuboids.

What would you find in a Greek home?


Where can you find sodium chloride and iron oxide at home?

Sodium ChorideSodium chloride [NaCl] is salt.You would find it at home in the kitchen.Iron OxideIron oxide [Fe2O3] is rust.You would find it at home anywhere that iron has rusted.

What are some bases found at home?

bases as in chemical acids or bases bases soap, any kind of detergent, etc.

How do you find out who built your home.?

the county would have this record

Where would you find a plenum?

at home under your bed

How many bases are there?

In Baseball there are four bases: first, second, third, and home.