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There are many places where a person can purchase a Pilates ring. Stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Target, as well as websites like pilates-shop all sell Pilates rings.

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Q: Where would one shop for a Pilates ring?
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Where would one purchase a pilates machine?

To purchase a pilates machine, one may want to begin there search at the pilates official website. For cheaper alternatives, there are other options on the internet such as Amazon and HSN.

What is the best Pilates DVD?

There are many great ones, it depends on what you exactly want. But if I had to choose one, then it would be Winsor Pilates

How many steps would equate to one hour of Pilates?

It varies by the instructor and type of class. With Jennifer Pilates class "Pilates-Barre-Fusion" we tend to get in around 2.5miles

Where can one purchase Pilates reformers?

There are many places where one can purchase Pilates reformers. One can purchase Pilates reformers at popular on the web sources such as Hayneedle and Target.

What would one use pilates bands for?

Pilates bands are used in exercising. These are high tension bands that are used to flex muscles and burn extra calories. Pilates is a very popular program right now.

Where can someone find aero pilates classes?

One can find Aero Pilates classes at the 'Studio Samsara Pilates' website. They allow one to download a PDF timetable of the classes. Classes can also be found on 'Aerocise-Pilates'.

Where can you buy a pilates video?

One can buy a pilates video at a website called College Video. If one is looking for free videos on pilates, then one can go to websites such as Youtube and Spark People.

I would like to become a pilates instructor but no one is in my area (north Florida) that offers this. Is there an alternative instruction class?

balanced body university is one of the leading pilates education company. for more visit

Where can one purchase pilates videos?

One can purchase pilates videos in online video selling websites to receive virtual videos. In addition, one can find and purchase pilates videos in online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

Where can you buy the ring in the sorcerer's apprentice?

i went to a Jewelry shop and found one identical to the ring so i bought it!

Where can one purchase diamond ring jewelry in the UK?

One can purchase diamond ring jewelry at a local jewelry shop or at an official jewelry website such as Tiffany's. Another option would be to purchase jewelry on Amazon or Ebay.

Where could one buy a resistance band to help with Pilates exercises?

There are many places where one could purchase a resistance band to help with Pilates exercises. The best places to purchase resistance bands would be places like Amazon.

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