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Q: Where will water polo be held in the Olympics 2012?
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What pool is used for water polo in the 2012 Olympics?

2 meters

What is the arena called where the 2012 Olympics are going to be held?

Basketball Arena, North Greenwich Arena, Riverbank Arena, Water Polo Arena, Wembley Arena.

How many countries are playing water polo in the 2012 London Olympics?


What country won gold medal in water-polo 2012 olympics?

Croatia (CRO) won the Men's Water Polo and the Women's was won by the USA

Who won the Bronze Medal for Women's Water polo at the London 2012 Olympics?

Australia (AUS)

Who won the Gold Medal for Women's Water polo at the London 2012 Olympics?

United States (USA)

When did water polo come to the Olympics?

First introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900. (according to NBC sports announcer)

How deep is the water in Olympics water polo in London?

six feet

When was water polo first played in first played in the Olympics?

Water Polo is a sport which has been contested in every Olympic Games since the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris - and will be contested again in 2012.

Who are the favourites for the Beijing Olympics water polo?

Hungary and USA

How long has water polo been in the Olympics?

Since 1996

When did Moises Lichtinger swim for Olympics for usA?

1972 summer olympics. Water polo team.