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The 2010 NCAA Division 1 Womens Basketball Tournament will be played in San Antonio Texas

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Q: Where will this years womens NCAA finals be played?
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Where will the man's NCAA finals be played?

In 2011, it will be played in Houston.

Where will the men's NCAA finals be played at in basketball?

Detroit Michigan

Where will the 2010 Womens' NCAA Finals be played?

San Antonio Texas for 2010.Semifinals will be held on April 4, and the Chapionship game on April 6.For basketball the Alamodome in San Antonio Texas.

Where will the NCAA tournament finals be played?

The Final Four will be held in Houston, Texas at the Relient Stadium.

Where will this year's Men's NCAA finals be played?

The final four and championship games will be played at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

What years did Villanova go to NCAA basketball finals?

1971 (lost to UCLA) and 1985 (beat Georgetown).

Who won womens NCAA championship?


Who Won The Womens NCAA basketball 1999?

Carolayn Peck

Where are the NCAA basketball finals 2010?

Indianapolis, IN - Final Four April 3rd - Finals April 5th.

Who won the 1933 NCAA tournament?

There was no 1933 NCAA Tournament. The first NCAA Tournament was in 1939 with Oregon beating Ohio State in the Finals.

Where was the site of the first NCAA men's basketball championship?

The finals of the 1939 NCAA Division I basketball championship, the first ever, was played at Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois which was home to the Northwestern University basketball team.

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

Which city has hosted the most ncaa finals?

Kansas City

Who played in the finals of NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1974?

In the 1974 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, the North Carolina State Wolfpack, coached by Norm Sloan, defeated Al McGuire's Marquette Warriors 76-64.

Who is NCAA Womens basketball scoring leader?

Dugan bradley

Who won the first womens ncaa basketball tournament?


Who won the NCAA womens Basketball tournament this year?


How long is the womens NCAA shot clock?

30 seconds

When did the razorbacks place 3rd in the NCAA finals?

July 12, 2005

What teams have appeared in consecutive NCAA basketball finals?

Florida ucla

What is the lowest seed to make the ncaa finals?

(8)Villanova (1985)

What school has won the most NCAA womens basketball championships?


Who won the NCAA tournament in 2009?

mens: unc. womens: uconn

Which womens NCAA college basketball teams have the most wins?


Who has won 3 consecutive NCAA womens basketball championships?