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Q: Where will this years open be held?
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When is 2110 Australian Open?

It will be held in 2110, 102 years from now.

Where was last years golf US Open held?

The 2008 US Open was held at Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff.

What is past and past participle of hold?

The past tense of "hold" is "held," and the past participle is also "held." For example: He held the door open. The door was held open by him.

Are Redskins practices open and where are they held?

Typically most of training camp is open to the public and it is held at their headquarters in Ashburn, VA

What president held an open house at the white house?

Andrew Jackson had a notable open house on his inauguration day. Supporters jammed the place and tore it up. Jackson had to spend the night with friends. However, all of the earlier presidents, at least to Cleveland held open houses from time to time, especially at Christmas or New Years.

Where was the Australian Open held?


Where was the 100 years war held?

the hundred years war was held in france!

Why is the Olympics held every two years?

They are held every 4 years, not every 2 years

How oftern are the Olympic games held?

the Olympics are held every 4 years the Olympics are held every 4 years

Are the summer Olympics held every 2 years?

No they are held every 4 years.

What is held open by a cartlage ring?

A tracheal or bronchial tube is held open by a cartilage ring to ensure the passage remains open to allow air to flow freely in and out of the lungs.

Are the elections for the Senate and House of Representatives held in the same year?

Yes, elections for the Senate and House of Representatives are held in the same year. Congressional elections in the United States take place every two years, with all seats in the House of Representatives up for election and one-third of the seats in the Senate. These elections typically occur in even-numbered years.