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For 2020, as a one off to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament the Euro will be held in various countries across Europe with the semi-finals and final taking place at Wembley Stadium in London.

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Q: Where will the Euro be held?
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Where was euro 1996 held?

Euro 1996 was held in England.

Where was euro cup 2008 held?

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland.

Where will euro cup 2016 be held?

It will be held in France

Where can you watch the Euro cup?

The Euro cup will be held in Ukraine and Poland in the year 2012.

Where was Euro 96 held?


Where was the European cup held in 2004?

The Euro 2004 was held in Holland and Belgium.

Where is the euro final being held?


How often is euro held?

4 years

When is the next euro cup?

The next Euro cup will be held in 2012 , both Poland and Ukraine will be hosts.

Where will the final of UEFA Euro 2012 be held?


Where euro cup 2016 would be held?


Where is euro 2012 being held?

Poland and Ukraine.

Where was the euro cup 2012 held?

They were heldin Poland and Ukraine

How often is the Euro Cup held?

every 4 years

Where was the 2012 euro cup held?

Poland & Ukraine

How many euro tournaments have been held so far?


Where was the1996 World Cup held?

There wasn't a world cup in 1996, it was Euro 96 held in good old England.

Where will Euro gamer 2013 be?

Eurogamer 2013 will be held at Earls court in london

Where was the 2012 FIFA World Cup held?

As the F.i.F.A world cup is held every four years it will be now held in Brazil in 2014, and not 2012, in 2012 it will be the Euro cup.

Where is euro 2008 being held?

Austria & Switzerland. June 7th 1st game in Basle.

What time is the Euro vision contest at?

The Eurovision Song Contest is held in May at 21:00 CET.

What happened in 2004 that is sports related?

The Euro 2004 and the Sydney Olympics were held this year. These are the main sport events along with the yearly tour of France as usual was also held.

Why is the world cup held every 4 years?

Maily as the Euro cup and their qualifying take place in the middle.

Who scored winning goal in 1985 euro cup final?

There was no European cup in the year 1985, it was held in 1984 and then in 1988.

Where was the Euro 2008 tournament held?

Spain played Germany in the football match UEFA Euro 2008 Final which took place on the 29th June 2008. The match took place at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna, Austria.