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Q: Where will the 30th Olympics games held in 2012?
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Where is the 30th Olympics going to be held?

The 30th olympic games will be held in London, in 2012.

How many Olympics have there been?

The 2012 Summer Games in London will be the 30th celebration of the Summer Olympics. The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi will be the 22nd Winter Olympics held.

What olympiad was held in 2012?

The Games of the XXX (30th) Olympiad were held in 2012, in London.

How often do you have the olymipics in England?

London is the only city in the UK to hold the Olympics. It has held them in 1908 (the 4th games), 1948 (the 14th games) and 2012 (the 30th games).

What country will hold the Olympics Games in 2012?

The 2012 Olympics will be held at London, England, in the UK.

Where was the summer Olympics games held 2012?


Where is the Olympics games be held at after 2008?

London 2012

Where are the 2012 Olympics games going to be held?


2012 Olympics what city?

the Olympic games will be held in London in 2012

Where in London are the Olympics games held?

The London 2012 Olympic Games are held in the Olympic Stadium.

Where are the 2012 Olympics?

The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in Great Britain, in London. SNAKEGIRL2001 The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, England.

In which year will the olympic games be held in London?

the Olympics will be held in London in 2012