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Q: Where were the games of the third olympaid held in 1904?
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Where were the third summer Olympics held?

The Games of the III Olympiad were held in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904.

What year was the Olympics held in St. Louis?

The Saint Louis, Missouri Games were in 1904, the third Olympiad of the Modern Era.

Where was the first olympaid held?

in Athens in Greece

When were the third Olympics held?

1904 Olympics were in St. Louis USA.

Where were the third Commonwealth Games held?

The third Commonwealth Games were held in Sydney in 1938.

When were the 3rd Olympic games held?

I inherited a Guiness Book of Records book from 1984 which had in it where the olympic games were held from 1896 - 1988 and how long they went for.This book claims that the third olympic games were held at St. Louis in 1904 from the 1st July until the 23rd November!

When was the third summer Olympics held?

St. Louis, Missouri in the United States in 1904

What years have Australia held the summer Olympics?

Australia is one of a handful of nations who have competed at every games of the modern olympiad.

When was Diving added to the Olympic Games?

Diving was first introduced at the Summer Games at the 1904 Olympics held in St. Louis.

When was the 3rd Commonwealth Games held?

The third Commonwealth Games were held in Sydney, Australia from February 5th to February 12th, 1938.

What city hosted the Olympics the first time women were allowed to compete?

That would be Paris and the 1900 Summer Olympics. Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain was the first woman to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games when she won the Ladies Singles competition in tennis.

What was the age of Theodore Roosevelt in the election of 1904?

He was 46 when the 1904 election was held.