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Ancient Greece.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Where were the ancient olympiads held?
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How often were the the ancient Greek Olympics held?

the ancient Olympics games were held once in 4 years. the time period was called as Olympiads & was only held in Olympia in Greece

What was the only event held in the first 13 olympiads?


How many years did they not do the Olympics?

Olympiads were not held in the years of World Wars I and Two.

How many Olympics held?

There have been 30 Olympiads so far. Book it.

How many types of Olympiads are there?

There are the Summer and the Winter Olympics held every 4 years.

How many olympiads in greek mythology?

An Olympiad was reckoned as a 4 year period beginning with the Olympic Games. The first games were held in 776 BC and carried until they were outlawed by Theodosius I in 396 AD. That's 293 Olympiads.

Was the 100 meter sprint held in the Ancient Olympics?

According to history, the only event at the first 13 Olympiads was the stade race, a straightaway foot race of approximately 192 meters. There is no mention of a race of exactly 100 meters.

In ancient Rome what was the role of women in the Olympics?

the Romans did not hold the Olympics. the Olympics is a greek tradition that has carried into what it is today. the Romans held bloodsports in their famous colliseum, while the Greeks held the olympiads in Athens. in both cultures, woman could not compete. they were there solely for the pleasures of men. and it was a much greater time.

What was another name for the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

The Olympic games in ancient Greece were originally named after the location of the games which was Olympia. Because of this the games were originally called the Olympiads.

Where was the ancient Olympics held?

it was held in ancient Greece in Olympus

Where were the first ancient games held?

they were held in ancient Greece in Athens

How often were the ancient Olympics they held?

ancient Olympics were held every 4 years

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