Where was yaya toure now?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yaya Toure is currently at Manchester City in Manchester, England.

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Q: Where was yaya toure now?
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What country in Africa is Yaya Toure from?

Yaya Toure is from Ivory coast of Africa.

How tall is yaya toure?

Yaya Toure is six foot three inches (6'3'')

How much does yaya toure earn in Manchester city a week?

Yaya Toure earns £200,000 a week.

Is yaya toure a musim?


How rich is yaya toure?

rich i guess

Is yaya toure a christian?

Nope, he is a Muslim

Who is the best African footballer right now?

Didier Drogba then Yaya Toure then Gervinio then Kolo Toure then Mayuka then Katongo.A. I can't go on so lastly Katongo.C.

Who is the highest paid premiership player?

yaya toure

Is yaya toure part of FC Barcelona?


How much does yaya toure get paid a week?

About 800k

What is Toure's full name?

Gnégnéri Yaya Touré.

What is Yaya Toure kit number?

42 mate