Where was this soccer invented?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Soccer was not invented it evolved from ball games played in Europe. Medieval foot ball games known to have provided the concepts for Association Football (soccer), Rugby Union Football, American Football, Australian Rules Football, Rugby League Football and Gaelic Athletic Association football include Mob football, Shrove football, La Soule, Gaelic football, Cornish & Welsh Hurling, Irish Hurling and possibly Knattleikr. The people groups who played these games share a common history and culture which included playing foot ball games.

For practical purposes Mob football, Shrove football and La Soule are the same game played under alternative names. Irish Hurling in played with a bat but other than this a defined area of play, two goals, two teams is similar to Cornish & Welsh Hurling. Gaelic football has shared concepts with hurling and we know Hurling combined with mob football/Shrove football/La Soule after hundreds of years of sports evolution in public schools and Universitys was used as a basis for the early form of Rugby Football played at Rugby Public School.

By the 1750's other forms of football developed from these early games and were being played in almost every public schools England and some in other parts of Britain and Ireland. One major problem which presented itself was that when these schools played against each other they would do so by different rules. To eliminate the confusion in 1848 some of these schools held a meeting to agree a common set of rules. The meeting took place at Cambridge University. Teachers who contributed to these common rules came from Cambridge University, Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury, Marlborough Westminster and Rugby. The rule they produced became known as the 'Cambridge Rules'. In 1863 a revised version of the 'Cambridge Rules' was published in a London news paper. The rules were read by a man called Ebenezer Cobb Morley who was to become the first secretary of the Football Association. He was to use these rules as a 'blueprint' to draft the his 'Laws of the game' which, with a few modifications, were agreed by the founder members of the Football Association to become the rules of Association football or Soccer as it became known.

As for other forms of football from the same family of games, we know that the earley form of Rugby football was used as a basis for American Football and we know that Gaelic football has common rules with Australian Rules football.

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It was invented by the english.

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Q: Where was this soccer invented?
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