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Q: Where was the setting for barnstoneworth utd?
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What were All the players names in barnstoneworth united?

it shows you on this link be fooled by the site name ITS A BARNSTONEWORTH UNITED SECRET LINK THEIR TRESURER MADE THE SITE FOR FANS

Who is better colchster utd or sheffield utd?

Colchester utd

How many English football teams have united in their name?

2009/10 League teams only = 14 :Premier LeagueManchester UnitedWest Ham UnitedChampionshipNewcastle UnitedPeterborough UnitedScunthorpe UnitedSheffield UnitedLeague OneCarlisle UnitedColchester UnitedHartlepool UnitedLeeds UnitedSouthend UnitedLeague TwoHereford unitedRotherham UnitedTorquay United

What is the ISBN of The Damned Utd?

The ISBN of The Damned Utd is 978-0571224265.

How many pages does The Damned Utd have?

The Damned Utd has 327 pages.

Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

What was Man utd score today?

2-0 to man utd

Who has the most supporter Liverpool fc or Manchester utd?

Manchester utd

Which club is bigger man city or man utd?

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When was The Damned Utd created?

The Damned Utd was created on 2006-08-17.

Are the happy mondays fans of man utd or man city?

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What team knocked Man utd out of the champions league in 2005?

the clubs that utd got beat in the league cup are chelsea 1-0 man utd liverpool 3-1 man utd man utd 0-1 everton man city 1-1 man utd extra time 2-1 to city arsenal 1-0 man utd newcatsle utd 2-0 man utd man utd 1-4 arsenal semi final man utd lose 4-2 on arrigate chelsea 2-1 man utd west ham 4-0 man utd