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the oldest curling stone was used for the game of curling around 500 years ago.

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Q: Where was the oldest curling stone found?
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What is a curling stone?

A round flat bottomed stone use in the winter sport of Curling.

What is the oldest stone building in Africa?

The oldest stone building in west African can be found at Tichitt Walata from 2000 BCE

What is the equipment called for curling?

The playing surface is called a "curling sheet."The stone that slides across the curling sheet is called the "curling stone."The brush used to sweep the ice in the path of the curling stone is called the "curling broom."Shoes worn during curling are called "Curling shoes" and are in two types, "sliders" and "grippers"

Where have the oldest stone tools been found?

Scientists have found the oldest tools in Tanzania, a country in East Africa.

What is the oldest object in the world?

The Black Stone, found in Mecca.

Is curling played by using a rock or a stone?

The thing that you throw in curling goes by the name of rock and stone, but more commonly stone.

What is the oldest sports club in Canada?


What is the oldest curling club in the world?


What is the curling stone made from?


Is the curling stone smooth?


Where were the oldest tools found?

The oldest tools are those made out of flint and stone by our ancient, hunter gatherer ancestors. They are found at sites all over the world but the oldest of all are found in Africa.

What is the curling stone used for?

The 41 pound curling stone is used for the Olympic curling game to knock the other stones out and to place the closest to the "home." if that doesn't answer your question Google it!

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