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Innsbruck, Austria 1976

Lake Placid, New York, USA 1980

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1984

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1988

Albertville, France 1992

Lillehammer, Norway 1994

Nagano, Japan 1998

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2002

Turin, Italy 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2010

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Q: Where was the last ten winter Olympics held at?
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Where were the Olympics held for the past 10 years?

where the Olympics held in the past ten years where the Olympics held in the past ten years

Where were the last ten Olympics held?

some were other then here. at wilmot hs

What were the top ten teams in the 1999 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1999.

What are the last ten cities that have hosted the Olympics?

The last ten cities where the Olympics have been held are: * 2008 - Summer - Beijing, China * 2006 - Winter - Turin, Italy * 2004 - Summer - Athens, Greece * 2002 - Winter - Salt Lake City, Utah * 2000 - Summer - Sydney, Australia * 1998 - Winter - Nagano, Japan * 1996 - Summer - Altanta, USA * 1994 - Winter - Lillehammer, Norway * 1992 - Winter - Albertville, France * 1992 - Summer - Barcelona, Spain

Where will the next ten Olympics be held?

pallet town

Why did much of sarajevo lay in ruins ten years after the 1984 winter Olympics?

They suck their dick

How many SPORTS are there in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Probably around ten, eleven, or twelve sports.

Where were the last 10 olympic games held?

The last ten Summer Olympics were London (2012), Beijing (2008), Athens (2004), Sydney (2000), Atlanta (1996), Barcelona (1992), Seoul (1988), Los Angeles (1984), Moscow (1980) and Montreal (1976). The last ten Winter Olympics were Sochi (2014), Vancouver (2010), Torino (2006), Salt Lake City (2002), Nagano (1998), Lillehammer (1994), Albertville (1992), Calgary (1988), Sarajevo (1984) and Lake Placid (1980). *As of 2015

Last 10 Olympic cities?

The Olympic games are played every four years, and always held in a different location. The last ten places the Olympics were held is as follows: London, Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta, Barcelona, Seoul, Los Angeles, Moscow and in 1976 Montreal.

What are ten sports held in the olympic games in Athens in 1896?

the three Olympics games held inside are soocer football hockey wonderland ur moms 56436874

What is a ten event Olympics sport called?

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

What are the ten sports held in the Olympics?

hockey swimming short-putt sprinting running gymnastics hurdles marathon tennis badminton

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