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Q: Where was the first official NASCAR sanctioned race?
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What is Nascar's longest race?

The Coca-Cola 600 is currently the longest sanctioned Nascar race.

Where did nascar began?

February 15, 1948 was the first organized race sanctioned by Nascar - held right on Datona Beach, The first actual nascar race was held in April of that year. Later the Nascar corp. was created in Daytona Florida.

What is NASCAR racing?

The Coca-Cola 600 is currently the longest sanctioned Nascar race.

How many laps in a 200 lap Nascar race have to be run to make it an official race?

To be an official Nascar race, the drivers must complete 100 of 200 laps. Once lap 101 begins, it's an official race.

How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?

In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

What is the first year NASCAR was televised?

The first known telecast of Nascar was in 1960 and it was the Daytona 500 race.

Is there still Nascar racing at Gateway International Raceway?

No, there is not. Gateway Motorsports Park (formerly known as Gateway International Raceway) has not held a Nascar sanctioned event since 2010. Both the Nascar Nationwide and Truck Series used to race at Gateway. The track now hosts a race in the NHRA Full Throttle Series.

Was Ralph Earnhardt the first Earnhardt in NASCAR?

Yes, he was. Ralph Earnhardt's first Nascar race was on November 11, 1956.

Who was the first female to drive in NASCAR what year and were was the race?

The first female driver was Sara Christian, racing in the inaugural NASCAR race at Charlotte Speedway on June 19, 1949.

What year did the Daytona 500 become the traditional first Nascar cup race of the season?

Starting in 1982, the Daytona 500 became the first race to begin the Nascar schedule.

What was Roger Penske's first Nascar race car?


How many races did it take for Jimmie Johnson to win his first Nascar Cup race?

Jimmie Johnson won his first Nascar Cup Series race in his 13th career start.