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Q: Where was the first high school football game played?
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How did the Arena Football League get its start?

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

When and where was the first game of football played?

about the 1920

Which 2 teams played the first game of Australian rules football?

The first known game was on 15 June 1858 between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar School.

When was the first football game played at the South Pole?

A man named Jason Teague played the first real game of football in Antarctica in the year of 1987.

Who played the first game between an AFL team and an NFL?

The first ever game of 'Australian Rules' football was between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College in 1858.

Where was the first game of football played in Australia?


When was the first official game of football played?


The first collegiate football game was played between what 2 colleges?

The first intercollegiate football game was played on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton with Rutgers winning 6-4.

What month was the first army navy football game played in?

The first Army-Navy football game was played on November 29, 1890.

Did desert hills high school in Utah win their first football game against uintah?

Yes, Desert Hills High School defeated Uintah High School for it's first game played as a new school. Please see for a brief game summary. Note: Daniel "Butch" Hatch, RB #1 scored Desert Hills first school touchdown.

What team played the first college flag football game?

The military bases played the game first.

What Year Was Football Founded?

The first American football game was a college game played in 1869. The National Football League was established in 1920.