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the prehistoric times

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Q: Where was swimming first played?
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What year was swimming first played?

swimming was first played in 1896 at the first modern Olympic games in Athens.

Where and when was swimming first played?

Easy from Europe

Were is swimming played?

In a swimming pool

When were the first competitions of swimming?

The first swimming competition was in 1984.

Where is swimming played?

Swimming isn't played it's a race but you swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean.

How long can swimming be played?

Swimming can't not be played foll it a toucher sport as its very hard to breath

What sport was played on the titanic?

Many sports were played on Titanic. She had a gymnasium - and her and Olympic had the first heated swimming pool for any sailing vessel and the first squash court for any sailing vessel.

Where is swimming mostly played?

swimming is done in pools or any where with water like lakes or the ocean .... it is not played because its not a game

Was swimming in the first Olympics?

No, swimming was first introduced in 1896 for men in Athens, Greece. Women's swimming was introduced in 1912 at the games in Stockholm, Sweden.

When was swimming first a event?

When was swimming first an event? well it was in 1896 there was 100, 500, and 1200meters.

When was swimming first included in Commonwealth games?

Swimming was first included in the Commonwealth Games program at the first Edition in 1930.

What are the rules when you are competing in the Olympics for swimming?

for the 2000 till now we had to do a swimming position in order and the first one to do all of them first won the swimming part of the olympics

Will swimming be played in the Olympics?

Yes. Aquatic sports include: Marathon Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving and Water Polo as well.

What are facts about swimming pools?

swimming started in the first century

Was titanic first to have the swimming pool on board?

No. RMS Adriatic (1907) was the first ship to have a swimming bath.

What was Stephanie rice first swimming club called?

Stephanie Rice's first swimming club was called St Peters Western Swimming Club and was located in Brisbane.

What is the orgin of swimming?

When the first caveman fell into a river, swimming was born.

How it swimming begun?

Swimming began when the first human fell in water.

Which was the first country to win the olympics in swimming?

AUSTRIA was the first country to win the Olympics in swimming.

How is swimming played?

Swimming isn't a game, you don't play it, you race. But the way you would win a swimming race would to get the fastest time in a race.

How swimming is played?

Swimming can't really be played. Swimming is more of a social event. You can swim for sport but its simply a timed race of a set stroke over a certain distance. E.g 50m Butterfly. Swimming is used, however, in sports such as water polo.

What was the first sport played ever?

Probably running, races, stuff like that,or hunting!It is not exactly known but the first few were gymnastics, swimming, and wrestling.

What were the first sports played at the first special Olympics?

well to say i am a person who studies these things so i know that the list would go on and on but : SWIMMING RUNNING

Which country is swimming played in?

all countries...

In which countries swimming and rucby are played?