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Q: Where was one of the first fight of the revolutionary war?
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Did he fight in the Revolutionary War?

short answer: yes he did fight in the Revolutionary War.

Did partick Henry fight in the Revolutionary War?

yes he did fight in the revolutionary war

Why did England fight the Revolutionary War?

no one knows

What made Daniel Shays and his followers angry?

They had to fight in the Revolutionary War as well as help pay for it.

Who was john chavis howe?

He was the first African American to fight in the revolutionary war.

What did the US and Great Britain fight about in the second American Revolutionary war?

There was never a second American Revolutionary War, there was only one.

What is a Revolutionary War word that starts with F?

Here is one: Fight

Did Delaware fight in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, Delaware fought in the Revolutionary War.

The Army was formed to fight in which war?

Revolutionary War

What side did women usually fight for in the revolutionary war?

Women were on both sides in the Revolutionary War.

Which war did the Americans fight the British for independence?

The Revolutionary War.

Which war was the Continental Army formed to fight in?

Revolutionary War