Where was mahabharat held?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Where was mahabharat held?
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What caste does mahabharat arjun belong to?

arjun from mahabharat belongs to which caste

What is the duration of Mahabharat TV series?

The duration of Mahabharat - TV series - is 2700.0 seconds.

Which one Mahabharat or ramayan came first?

Ramayan came before Mahabharat. Ramayan was in the Trita yug but Mahabharat was in the Kali yug.

When was Mahabharat - TV series - created?

Mahabharat - TV series - was created on 1988-10-02.

When did Mahabharat - TV series - end?

Mahabharat - TV series - ended on 1990-06-24.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mahabharat - 1933?

The cast of Mahabharat - 1933 includes: Khatun Zubeida Jal Merchant

Is the mahabharat written by shri ganesh?

Yes, while Ved Vyasji dictated the Mahabharat, Ganeshji wrote it.

Who is ganga putra in the mahabharat?

The most dynamic and inspirational personality in mahabharat, the devavrata, also known as Bheeshma, was the ganga putra .

Who is known as Phalguni in mahabharat?


Who is the classmate of drupad in mahabharat?


Where was the the Mahabharat serial filmed?

In India

What is Mahabharata and how does it connect to Diwali?

The Mahabharat is the story of war between "kauravs" and "Pandavas". No their is no connection between Mahabharat and Diwali .