Where was golf first played?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Golf-like games were played in China (900s), Netherlands (1200s) and Scotland (1400s). The Scotish version gets the most credit for leading up to modern game we enjoy today.

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Q: Where was golf first played?
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What country first golf play?

Golf was fist played in Scotland.

First country golf was played in?


Which president was the first to play golf in the white house?

William McKinley was supposedly the first president to play a round of golf. Taft played golf but not often when he was president but he likely was the first sitting president to play golf. Wilson certainly played golf while he was president, but not very well.

When was the first game of golf played in Scotland?

Golf was said to have first been played in Scotland in the 15th Century. The origin of the word golf was mentioned in an Act of Scots Parliament on 6 March 1647.

When was the first Master Golf Tournament played?


Where was the game of golf first played?

In ScotlandStephanie

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Golf was the first played in which country?

Scotland. The world's oldest golf course is Saint Andrews.

When was montrose golf course first played on?

1562, it is the world's fifth oldest golf course.

What was the first game played in the moon?

I think it was Golf. Alan Shepherd had a hit in 1971 during a mission.Golf was first played on the moon, and is now also played on the ISS (international space station).golf neil armstorng teed off on the moon

Which came first the game of golf or the piano?

Golf was first played in the 13th Century, stringed instruments were around before this but the first modern piano's were not around until the 17th Century. So golf was first.

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