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Football was first invented in England.

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Q: Where was football first thought of?
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Who thought of making Football in the first place?

Walter Camp

When was the first time Ohio state and Wisconsin met in football?

When he kicked his balls because he thought that was part of football

What country invented rugby?

England it was first thought of in a school called rugby were a boy playing football chucked the football to his mate.

Why did you kick my dog?

I thought it was a football.

When did football first come out?

when did the first football come out

Who thought of it first?

who first thought up of knitting

What is Jordan's favorite sport?

FOOTBALL! She was going to be a football player but she thought singing was a better choice.

What was the first football made out of?

The first football was made out of pigskin

When was the first thought of the helicopter?

the first thought of the helicopter was in 1787

What is Jordan Sparks' favorite sport?

FOOTBALL! She was going to be a football player but she thought singing was a better choice.

Did football players make lots of money in the 1800?

no because people thought football was a waste of time

Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

Who first started football in the world?

who was the first person to start football

What was football called at first?

American football was first known as association football. The world knows soccer by the name "football," rather than American football.

What came first football or cheerleading?


Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

Where did the football first appear?

The first form of the football was the English Rugby's ball.

Who were the first person to play football?

The first people to play football were the English!

What was the first football league made?

The FLFD Football League First Division

What was the first football team to use the football?

the first AMERICAN football team to use an American football were: rutgers scarlet knights and the Princeton tigers

What is the first name given to football?

Association Football

When was malaria first thought of?

malaria is a disease it was not thought of

Who was the first sub used in English football?

when were subs first used in English football

Were did football started first started?

If your are talking about football (soccer), It first started in Brazil. If your talking about football (football), It first started in Ancient Greece. But if you mean in our time (sort of), then the first football game was played in 1869. Then more and more colleges started playing football 'till it became a sport.

What country is the motherland of football?

England is where football originated, they had the first league and made the first rules for the game. England is the motherland of football.