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== == The first recorded "foot ball " game was played between McGill University, of Montreal, Quebec, and Harvard University. The year 1870. When the Canadians arrived at Harvard, they found that the two teams had quite different sets of rules, that they had each worked up themselves, over the past 5 years, while playing at their respective schools. The American game was like a modified version of English soccer, while the Canadian game was based on the English game of Rugby, with a faster pace and more scoring. What to do? They played TWO complete games, one after the other, the first with the Harvard rules, and the second with the McGill rules. The Canadians won BOTH games, and the Harvard men said they liked the Canadian game much better, so they agreed to adopt the Canadian rules for their future games in the "Ivy League" series. The McGill rules are the basis for the Canadian Football League's rules of today, with only 3 "downs" a wider and longer field and a lot more action and passing than in the NFL version. The CFL championship trophy, which is The Grey Cup, is the oldest annual football trophy in North America, first played for in 1906. It was put up by Lord Grey, the Governor General Of Canada, at the time, and YES Earl Grey tea is also named after him.

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Q: Where was football first introduced as a sport?
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