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Fencing started in France.

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Q: Where was fencing started?
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What country did fencing start in?

First started as a sport in China. It started off as swordfighting with similar swords, and was later called fencing.

What man started fencing?

no one did. it started with who could be the best sword fighter. it was like a tournament. then they added rules and stuff

What happens if two spies do fencing at the same time in tf2?

Nothing. What did you expect? But I guess if you have two of them fencing at each other, then the first that started taunting will kill the other.

How old is fencing?

The earliest fencing handbooks were published at the beginning the Renaissance, and the earliest precise date on one of these handbooks is 1409 (Flos Duellatorum). One could say that the sport that we know today as fencing started around then. However, the sport fencing has changed greatly and has become more competitive.

What place did fencing start?

egypt along time ago then people sword dueled in england in the 1600 with counts as fencing As stated above there is evidence to suggest (strongly) that swordplay as a sport (fencing) started in egypt then again was used in the roman empire.

What is a fencing blade?

a fencing blade is the weapon in which they use in fencing.

Where did fencing originate?

The answer depends on your definition of fencing. Modern fencing, also called Olympic fencing, originated in France.

Where was fencing first played?

Fencing originated off of acutal sword fighting. It was at first used to practice dueling, but people realized that they could make a sport of it. It was popular in Ancient Egypt, and with the Greeks and Romans. The fencing we know today though, started in Spain around the 15th century.

What are the fencing rules in the Olympics?

The fencing rules in the Olympics do not differ from the rules of normal fencing.

Is vinyl fencing better than wood fencing?

I have come across a need to have fencing in my backyard. The weather around here is crazy sometimes, and I am not sure what kind of fencing that I should get. Is vinyl fencing more durable than wood fencing?

Did they have fencing in the Ancient Olympics?

No they did not have fencing in the ancient Olympis because fencing is a modorn sport or art.

How much does fencing weigh?

The weight of fencing varies. It depends on how much there is of the fencing and what material it is made out of.

Is fencing an adventure sport?

No, fencing is not an adventure sport.

What is fencing in French?

Fencing is called "l'escrime" in French.

Fencing as a sport. What is a fencing cry?

en garde!

Is fencing in the winter Olympics?

No. Fencing is in the Summer Olympics.

What is fencing in Malay language?

Fencing is 'pagar' in Malay.

What major event is fencing in?

Fencing is a major event in the summer Olympics as well as the world fencing championship.

Why do you need fencing equipment to play fencing?

if you didn't have fencing gear, you would die. ppl have died even IN fencing gear. your using SWORDS to FIGHT WITH.

Vinyl Fencing?

form_title= Vinyl Fencing form_header= Install fencing and protect your love ones. What is the square footage of your yard?*= _ [50] What color do you want the fencing?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old fencing?*= () Yes () No

The Artful Sport Of Fencing?

Fencing is one of the most sophisticated, rewarding modern sports. Developed from the refined court fencing of centuries past, modern sport fencing is a sport that encourages the development of excellent reflexes and outstanding hand-eye coordination. Individuals who get involved in fencing also learn discipline, focus and good sportsmanship. Alternatively known as Olympic fencing, modern fencing has its roots in Spain and Italy, although the French school of fencing ultimately came to dominate European fencing. Today, the sport is governed by the FIE, an international committee based in Lausanne, Switzerland.Though it developed from combat fencing, modern sport fencing is not a martial art. Instead, modern fencing is a form of leisure and exercise enjoyed by refined people around the world. Fencing is a popular extracurricular activity for high school and college students. Parents and teachers generally appreciate the salutary effects of mastering fencing.Getting Started In FencingIn this digital era, getting started in fencing is as simple as buying gear and watching online instructional videos. Online video sites feature fencing tips from outstanding professional fencing instructors. To find the most affordable fencing weapons and protective gear, people should search online sports sites for discounts. Although used gear is fairly affordable, most people who are serious about fencing purchase new gear. Protective gear is especially important for children and young people. Younger people should understand that fencing swords are tools, not toys. If used improperly, fencing weapons can cause serious injuries.While people can certainly learn the basics of fencing in their own homes, serious fencing students seek out professional fencing teachers. Group fencing classes are usually quite affordable. Personalized instruction is more expensive yet highly rewarding. Although fencing weapons are dull, they can still cause injuries. All fencers should wear proper protective clothing. When seeking out instructional fencing videos, people should focus on videos featuring reputable, trustworthy instructors. The best instructional videos do not necessarily feature fancy graphic design. Plain, utilitarian videos can serve well if they feature sterling advice. Even the disabled can get involved in fencing. Wheelchair fencing has enabled many paraplegic individuals to enjoy this invigorating sport. Chair fencing is interesting related variant for able-bodied fencers.

How many different use's are there for a fencing sword?

A fencing sword should only be used for the sport that it was made for- fencing.

What is Japanese fencing called?

Kenjutsu, and it means exactly that "fencing."

What do you call the sword of fencing?

The three categories of fencing are:SabreEpeeFoil

What is a fencing match called?

A fencing match is called a duel.