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Baseball is the only true American Sport being invented in the United States in the late 1800's.

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Q: Where was baseball originated?
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When was baseball originated to the US?

No, base ball originated in England in late 1700.

When baseball originated in US A?


Baseball originated in which country?

uunited states

Where was baseball first originated?

New Jersey

Is baseball a British game?

Baseball originated from a British game called rounders.

What US-originated sport is popular in Canada?

Baseball ...

What sport originated in the US?


What sports originated in the US?

Basketball, and probably baseball and volleyball

When was baseball first played in the US?

Baseball was first real baseball team was founded in 1871, so around the 1800s it was originated.

Why did baseball come from England?

because it originated from the English game cricket

What English words originated from America?

movie baseball

Which U.S.-originated sport is popular in Canada?

Either Baseball or Wrestling.

When did Galerija-Prikaz invent baseball?

Galerija-Prikaz did not invent baseball. Baseball is derived from the English game stoolball which originated in the 14th century.

Why baseball hall of fame is in cooperstown?

A completely false story originated in the late 1800s that baseball was invented there in 1836.

What sports originated from United States of America?

baseball, basketball, & football

Where was baceball invented?

Im not certain, but baseball came from the game "rounders" which originated from Britain

How is football related to baseball?

They both involve catching a ball, and originated in the United States.

Did America invent baseball?

Yes and No Baseball originated from the game rounders which came from Europe. But America tweaked the game to what it is now

Is baseball an international sport?

Well, baseball originated in the united states but it is played all over the world now. Particularly popular in Asian and Latin American countries.

Where did samba and rumba originated?

Samba originated in Brazil. Rumba originated in Cuba.

Where were collies originated in?

they were originated in Scotland

Where is chimichanga originated from?

its originated from Italy

Who originated Origami?

it was originated in Japan

What was soccer originated?

It originated in England

What country is the can can originated?

It was originated in France.

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