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Q: Where was Red River starring John Wayne filmed?
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Of these which is NOT a movie starring John Wayne?

The Big Man

Was john Wayne sick when he filmed the shootist?


What impact did the Vietnam war had on Fort Bragg?

The film "Green Berets" starring John Wayne was filmed there. At the time John Wayne intended the film to be the first "supporting the men in Vietnam" movie; in contrast to all the anti-war demonstrators and anti-Vietnam footage and speeches.

What was the film with pt boats?

In Harm's Way, starring John Wayne; and PT 109, starring Cliff Robertson.

What year was grease the movie filmed?

Grease was filmed in 1978 remember GREASE IS THE WORD

What 1956 western movie was directed by John Ford?

The Searchers, starring John Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter.

What movie was filmed at lane tech?

Parts of the movie "Wildcats" starring Goldie Hawn was filmed at Lane's football stadium when I was a student there. Also a very small scene in "High Fidelity" starring John Cusack was also filmed outside the School.

What is the name of the movie starring John Wayne in Hawaii?

That was Donovan's Reef. Directed by Wayne's old friend John Ford, Donovan's Reef was one of Ford/Wayne's lighter movies.

What city did John Wayne film in 1974?

There are two John Wayne movies that were filmed in 1974, McQ partially filmed in Seattle, Aberdeen Wa., and on the Quinlan Indian Reservation, and Brannigan filmed in Chicago and London

What actor nicknamed The Duke debuted in his first starring role this day in 1930?

John Wayne

How many movie did John Wayne star in?

John Wayne is credited with 143 starring or "leading man" roles

Where was The Horse Soldiers movie directed by John Ford filmed?

If my memory is correct I think most of that movie was filmed in Monumemt Valley National Park. Several of John Ford/John Wayne movies were filmed there for obvious reasons. It is breathtakingly beautiful.