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Zurich, Switzerland


it should be in England since it was invented here

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โˆ™ 2011-03-05 21:05:12
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Q: Where was FIFA based at?
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Where is FIFA based?

It is in Zurich Switzerland.

Who are the best young players in fifa 10 based on growth?

They are Torres, , Rooney, Messi, .

What is the game FIFA Street based on?

The game FIFA Street is based on the concept of 'backyard sports.' Players break out of the 'traditional' rules of the game, and take it to a pick-up game setting, complete with tricks, challenges, and special abilities.

How many additions of FIFA is there?

Fifa additions I know of: FIFA 1996 FIFA 1997 FIFA 1998 FIFA 1999 FIFA 2000 FIFA 2001 FIFA 2002 FIFA 2003 FIFA 2004 FIFA 2005 FIFA 2006 FIFA 2007 FIFA 2008 FIFA 2009 FIFA Street FIFA Street 2 FIFA Street 3 and many more

Will there be a FIFA Movie?

Yes there will be fifa movie based on players on the streets who get scouted by real players. It will have great action and excitement based on the story of "Fifa Street".The film stars Wayne Rooney,Jaden Smith,Leonardo Decaprio,Rick Malambri ,Cristiano Ronaldo and Daniel Radclffe. The film is to be released October 1st 2011

How big is the biggest pich?

Based on FIFA rules 130 Yards Long by 100 Yards Wide

How often are Fifa world rankings updated?

There are many things that go into calculating the Fifa world rankings. They are updated on a yearly basis based on a specific point system that has been used for years.

Will the next FIFA game be called FIFA 10 or FIFA 2010?

FIFA 10.

Does winning the FIFA World Cup make you number 1 soccer team in the world?

No. The FIFA rankings are based on performances in the previous four years, although recent results are weighted more heavily.

What does assistant coach do on manager mode fifa 10?

it chooses your team for this weeks match based on how good they where in training

When did FIFA stared?

it started with fifa 1994 and if you get fifa 06 for ps2 you can play fifa 1994 on it

Which is better FIFA 11 or FIFA 12?


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