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Memphis Tennessee at The Liberty Bowl. Alabama beat Illinois 21-15.

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Q: Where was Bear Bryant last football game?
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Bear Bryant's last bowl game win?


Who was quarterback for Bear Bryant's last game?

Walter Lewis #10

What is the value of a new Coach Bear Bryant Fun Bowl Football board game that is still new in the box?

Bear Bryant Board Gamedon't have an awnser but i also own one. there was one that was incomplete sold on eBay last year for around 100.00 i have been told by many ex Bryant players that they would like to have it but wouldn't know what to offer

Who was bear Bryant last lost to?

Auburn University

What was the last year bear Bryant coached?


What is the value of an unused 1983 liberty bowl ticket --the bear Bryants last game?

Coach Bryant's last game was the Liberty Bowl in the 1982 season, not 1983.

Who was bear Bryant's last quarter back?

Walter Lewis was the Alabama starting QB in 1982, Bryant's final season at Alabama.

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How long does a junior high football game last?

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What bowl game was Bear's last win?

Liberty Bowl

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What bowl was Paul Bryant's last bowl game?

82 liberty bowl Memphis beat Illinois