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search on the Internet ( ) or go to a college and watch them play

and if you cant make it to the game you can check out this guide to watch the games online in just 3 steps. (

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Q: Where to watch old college basketball games?
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There are 34 total college bowl games.

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You can watch some Celtics games that start on October 26. Go to your local library and read some books on it. Be sure to practice if you want to get better. That is what I did at age 12.

Who is Kieran Shotter?

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DIY March Madness Parties?

Avoid the bars and host your own March Madness parties to watch the games. Save big on bar tabs with these DIY suggestions for cheering on your favorite college basketball teams.Jersey PartyHost a jersey party. Ask guest to wear their college basketball jerseys or the jerseys of the teams they are cheering for. Have an obscure jersey contest. Give a prize to the winner of the person who wears a jersey that is hard to find in your area. Scout secondhand stores and thrift shops for rare college jerseys for any sport.Garage Tailgate PartyWeather providing, have a garage or backyard tailgate party. Fire up the grill, put the beer on ice and watch the game on your own big screen in the garage.Bracket Club PartyThe winners of each bracket have to host the next party, or pickup the tab at the bar.Alma mater Road TripPlan an old school day trip to your alma mater. Hit the road with the gang and go back to the college town of your youth. Watch the games in the local bars with the students, and buy school jerseys for the kids at home.

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