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I got an element tech deck at Target. A Tosh Townsed so its even more rare because he isn't on element anymore.

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Q: Where to get a element Tech Deck and other rare boards not on eBay?
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Where to buy zero Tech Deck boards?

the stores

Who invented Tech Deck finger boards?


How many different Tech Deck boards are their?

254 decks

Where can you find Tech Deck boards?

You can find them at target toyrus Walgreen's for $3.50

Is element Tech Deck rare?

yup very rare

What sort of toys does Tech Deck make?

Tech Deck offer "fingerboards". They are tiny replicas of skateboards that one can play with using their fingers. They have many different types of boards to choose from.

Name some rare Tech Decks?

dc,element,x games,deca,and some dgks and other boards are rare

Where can you find a rare Bam Margera Element Tech Deck?


What is the best type of Tech Deck you can buy?

Element, because it is the rarest

Do they make Enjoi Tech Decks?

YES Tech Deck (Spin Master) has been making Enjoi finger boards since 2011

Where to get rare tech deck?

The rarest tech deck in the world is Plan B Gold.Who ever tells you that blind or birdhouse isthe rarest tech deck in the world then there WRONG.

Tech Deck hand boards or finger boards which is better?

Handboards are alot better because you use your hands and it is easier to do trick on it.