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Go on YouTube and search the theme that you want. Copy the link address and now open a new tab in your explorer.Open a site will be a bar at the top. paste the link address that you have copied from youtube of the theme and now click on the download at the side of the bar.Now you will have two options at the bottom> click on the (video.mp4-High Quality) and now you will get the theme for free.(you can also download any other video also)

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Q: Where to get Randy Ortan wrestling theme song for free?
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Where to get free Randy Orton wrestling theme music?

Go to iTunes,go to search then tipe in wwe wrestlers theme songs it will be free

Is Randy Orton's theme song available on CD and if so where can you buy it?

You can download Randy Orton's theme song in "" for free

Where can you download randy orton's entrance theme titled Voices by rev theory for free?


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I yunes thay have it for $1.30 or just jailbreak your ipod touch if you have one

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youtube, dailymotion,

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