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Theres a lot of places you can buy jordans or fusions. Start by going to either footlocker, finish line, champs or if its in you mall SIDS underground. You ccan buy online, but be careful, make sure it is a legit website, so you won't end up buying a B grade pair of sneakers.

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Q: Where to buy Jordan and Jordan fusion sneakers?
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Where can you buy the sneakers that Jay-Z wore in the 'What You Got' video when he is sitting in the Ferrari with Dale Earnhardt Jr?

the Jordan fusion 5s

Where can you get Air Jordan fusion 3 sneakers?

At a store in the Mall of America

In the movie he got game what sneakers did denzel buy at the sneaker store?

Jordan XIII

Where to buy Jordan ajf 5 fusion in Massachusetts?

try footlocker

Where can you buy the Air Jordan Fusion 12 Green Beans?

check the online store for air Jordan

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I personally think that Nike is the best men's basketball sneakers. They have many of the professional basketball shoes such as LeBron's and air Jordan.

What can one expect to pay for a pair of Jordan sneakers?

A pair of Jordan sneakers can cost up to $190.00 on Sneakerhead's online store. There is also a pair of Jordan's for $124.99 on the Amazon Marketplace.

What company was Michael Jordan paid an estimated 20 million to endorse?

Jordan Sneakers/ Air Jordan

Are Air Jordan sneakers made in Beijing china?


When did Air Jordan IV sneakers debut?

The Air Jordan IV was the documented as being released for sale on the global market in the year of 1999. The Air Jordan IV sneakers that debuted in 1989 were designed by Tinker Hatfield.

Why are Jordan sneakers worth a lot?

They're a brand name

Is it true that Pres Obama bought himself 540 sneakers?

he didn't buy 540 sneakers, but he did buy several pairs of $500+ sneakers.